Mayonnalg Vegetable Sauce

The good house taste with a mayonnaise-like sauce. This 100% vegetarian recipe with fresh seaweed will accompany your dishes just like “classic” mayonnaise. Very few ingredients for a lot of flavour, beware the spoon quickly plunges back inside!

Season mixed vegetables or enhance hard-boiled eggs. Make a quick remoulade, which is also the ideal complement for fried mussels!

Deodorised linoleic sunflower oil*, seaweed* 15.2% (Dulse*, Sea Lettuce**, Wakame*- from Brittany or **Portugal), soya milk* (water, soya beans*), Dijon mustard* (mustard seed*, alcohol vinegar*, water, salt), cider vinegar*, wine vinegar*, emulsifier: guar gum*, salt.